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In order for your application to be successful, here are important directions regarding the formalities of your application as well as a series of valuable tips and tricks for the application process. If your question was not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact our HR division.

Forms for the letter

What are the most important points for the letter?

  • Please address the contact person specified in the job advertisement. Observe the correct spelling of the name.
  • Phrase the letter target-oriented and ensure that all data specified in the job advertisement, such as possible date of commencement as well as salary expectations are included.
  • Please adhere to the conventional formalities. The letter should not be shorter than half a page and no longer than a full page. Correct spelling is implied. The writing should be legible and the letter composed in a clear font.
  • Please dispense with standard applications. We attach great importance to individuality and commitment and expect the diligent and individual preparation of your application if you are genuinely interested. Show us why you are the right person for our company and which motivations and qualifications make you the perfect candidate for the advertised position.

Formalities to resume

Are there design specifications for the resume?

Please ensure particularly that it is current and clear. It is up to you whether you prefer the German or the Anglo-American style.

Interesting information regarding reports

Which reports have to be attached and in which form?

  • Please attach all relevant reports in form of scans of legible quality.
  • All reports and verifications, which verify the qualifications for the position for which you are applying, are relevant. These include work references, the report of the highest achieved (Hoch)Schulabschluss (university degree) as well as verifications regarding job-relevant certificates and additional qualifications.
  • Applicants for internships and apprenticeships should attach leaving certificates as well as their last school reference.
  • Missing reports can be submitted subsequently, however, they have to be presented at the interview without prompting.
  • All reports can be submitted in copy; however, the originals have to be available for inspection in the original upon request.

Interesting information regarding the application photo

Are there certain stipulations for photos?

  • Although an application photo is not principally a prerequisite for a positive consideration in the application process, however, according to the customs in our cultural circle, it is usually still conventional. We are therefore happy to get a first impression of you based on a photo in your documentation.
  • If you attach a photo to your application documents, we recommend a professional application photo with a good quality resolution.
  • Whether you position your photo on a coversheet or in your resume, is not important for the evaluation of your documentation.

Other formalities

Is it important to observe a certain form in the application?

  • Due to organisational reasons, we ask for your understanding that we can only consider applications we receive via our online portal. We accept application via email only in exceptional situations.
  • Please ensure that your application documentation is complete. This means, it should comprise a letter, resume, reports and work samples (if appropriate).
  • The preferred file formats are PDF, Word doc. or Docx. The attached files should not exceed 5 MB each.
  • Unless specifically requested in the job advertisement, the application document should be composed in German.

Repeat applications

Is it possible to apply even though Vorwerk Autotec has previously rejected an application?

Naturally, you can reapply after a rejection. However, please read the job advertisement carefully and check whether the specified position complies with your abilities and qualifications and observe our application tips.

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