The value of a company is not just measured by its success, but also in the way in which its profits are generated. Profit however is not the only criteria for a company when it wishes to trade responsibly and fairly on a consistent basis.

Respect for our employees as well as responsibility for the environment and natural resources are as important for us as is constant growth. Therefore we attach high importance on:

  • Reasonable and performance-based payment for our employees worldwide
  • Respectful treatment of all employess and strict rejection of all discrimination
  • Best possible work-life-balance
  • Safe and humane working conditions in all our production sites
  • Careful selection of our locations with regard to ecological and social criteria
  • Environmental-friendly and resource-preserving construction when building or modernising
  • Use of particularly efficient and low-emissions technologies
  • Continuous optimization of our internal processes and material savings by the use of minimized waste production methods
  • Allocation of residuals and waste by utilising internal or external recycling processes
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