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6-Axis Test Stand

In vehicle contruction a fault in even the smallest component can have far reaching consequences.This is why we have a clear target in our development and poduction: zero faults.

The construction of a motor vehicle is a technical challenge with enormous responsibilities. After all, drivers, passengers and other road users should have the greatest degree of safety.

A technical fault in a single component, influencing the functionality and safety of the vehicle, is not only annoying but is also dangerous. Poor driving quality, expensive exchange or recall actions, or in the worst case, personal injuries can be the consequence.

To eliminate suchfaults in development, we maintain our own testing facilities that are largely above technological standards. Here we test our parts intensively. Unique for our business are our test stands and facilities for simultaneous testing of up to six axles.

Additionally we carry out extensive preventive quality assurance measures during the development and series production stages.

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