ProductsElastomer parts

Our customized solutions for various application ranges in vehicle construction are another product focus:

  • Chassis transition and duct elements
  • Ventilation and fluid hoses
  • Control and decoupling elements
  • Plastic, rubber or composite rubber-metal products

We distinguish three application ranges:

  • Body Engineering
  • Chassis Engineering
  • Thermal Management



Various applications - one partner!

Body Engineering

From simple protection caps to complex wiring duct systems – modern vehicles use numerous of our components. Here, complexity often lies in detail and function. We supply multi-component parts in optimized material combinations and precise dimensional accuracy for optimum results and long product life.

Chassis Engineering

Enhanced driving comfort combined with optimization of performance is getting more and more important. Vorwerk Autotec Chassis Engineering products provide optimum NVH properties without negative impacts on vehicle dynamics or driving comfort.

Thermal- / Fluidmanagement

One of the most important challenges of modern vehicle engineering is optimum energy utilization. Our Thermal- & Fluid Management product range ensures perfect operation of air conditioning, water management, and temperature control of the batteries.