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NVH (noise – vibration – harshness) – the central issues when dealing with vehicle comfort!

In order to eliminate vehicle noise and vibration, Vorwerk Autotec has, for some years, also offered products from the vibration absorber range in addition to our extensive selection of chassis bushings. We use our long-term competences in elastomer-metal compounds to solve your vibration issues.

Our product program ranges from ultra-light absorbers for airbags to applications weighing several kilograms to be assembled in the axle area. We are your expert when the increase of comfort combined with the silence inside the car is required.

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Tailgate mass damper

  • Optimized packaging
  • Modular design
  • Eliminates interfering noises and vibrations caused by lightweight designed tailgates

Subframe mass damper

  • Eliminates interfering noises and vibrations from the powertrain

Door mass damper

  • Eliminates interfering noises and vibrations caused by high-end stereo systems
  • Tuning of “door-closing sound”

Airbag mass damper

  • Eliminates interfering vibrations in the steering wheel
  • This mass damper uses the mass of the airbag to neutralize occurring vibrations

Suspension strut mass damper

  • Eliminates interfering vibrations in the area of the front axle
  • Performance-relevant part

Theory & Practice


The vibration absorber is a sub-system capable of vibration and designed to reduce vibrations on car components and structures. Component- and structural vibrations are reduced by transmitting kinetic energy to the absorber. Optimum adjustment of absorber vibration properties to different applications is possible by modification of spring rigidity and attenuation and of the oscillating weight.

We provide comfort & silence


When comfort is concerned, NVH is the key-word of the future. Comfort | safety | dynamics – these are what we stand for and these are our key competences. Comfortable driving is based on silence and lack of vibration in the car interior. Various Vorwerk Autotec vibration absorbers are applied to make such driving comfort possible and even further optimize this comfort. This is where our long-standing expertise in elastomer-metal compounds takes effect again.

Enjoy the silence…


For more than 50 years we have been developing multi-component elastomer-metal compounds. We synergize our expertise in material development, vibration technology, and efficient production processes to develop and industrialize your customized vibration absorbers. We will support you in finding solutions – starting with NVH-problem analysis up to series production. Our engineering team will be at your disposal right from the beginning.

It takes some effort to make us vibrate…


Irrespective of whether big absorbers in the axle area or light-weight applications in the steering wheel section, weighing just some grams, are required – we absorb your problem! In nearly any section of the car, we have successfully implemented vibration absorbers. At present, we are discovering many new applications especially due to the increased NVH requirements arising from the electrification of modern car powertrains!

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